Kabir Sahib
The Mystic Saint Teacher of Love Peace and Human Unity

 Video on youtube.com giving insight into Kabir and his teaching.
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 Kabir Sahib is the first teacher to mention God as SAT PURUSH
 Kabir Sahib teaches to Love All.
 Kabir Sahib says Train the Mind.
 Kabir Sahib says the Truth is Within.
 Kabir Sahib says to Love the Naam.
 Kabir Sahib is the first to say that  Sat Lok is the true home of all souls
 Kabir Sahib asks us to Still the Mind.
 Kabir Sahib says Shabd is Satguru
 Kabir Sahib says God is Light & Sound
 Kabir Sahib says Become Desireless
 Kabir Sahib's teaching has started a revolution within the mind
Anyone who will try to understand the teachings of Kabir Sahib will have to eventually look at himself for the answers, and it is then that a journey within will reveal the truth..